League Chairman Melvin McQuillan and his wife Mary presenting the trophies for the 2018-19 year at the recent League dinner.

David Peden, Ballinderry BC Section A winners. (5.4.2019)

John Mackey, Soldierstown BC Runners-up Section A. (5.4.2019)

Beth Harrison and Patricia Halliday Annahilt Parish BC, winners of Section B. (5.4.2019)

Jean Parkinson, Eglantine BC runners-up Section B. (5.4.2019)

Audrey Marks Derriaghy BC, winners of Section C. (5.4.2019)

Kathleen McCullough St Mark’s BC, runners-up section C. (5.4.2019)

Melvin and Mary McQuillan. (5.4.2019)